Our Amazing Team

Katy Cowan Founder + Director


The one who started it all. California native. Passionate dog lover. Horse enhusiast. Juggler of all the things. 

Michael General Manager


Stray dog magnet. Ice hockey player. Boat lover. Behavioral and feral dog guru. Meet-and-greet pro. Foster and owner of many dogs. Creative namer of animals.

Leslie Medical Manager + Foster Coordinator


Mom of 5. Zoo Animal Science grad. Vaccine + med administering pro. Foster organizer and supporter. Pig lover. Owner of 2 dogs, 5 cats, and too many farm animals.

Karen Marketing + Operations Manager


Twin mom. Former teacher. Avid online shopper. Manager of social media. Planner of events. Behind the scenes organizer. Owner of dogs, hermit crabs, fish, and shrimp.  

Miriam Adoption Profile + Kennel Manager

Ultimate dog feeder. Biology grad. Avid video gamer. Dog hug lover. Santization master. Dog bio writer. Owner of 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 Guinea Pigs.

Riley Cat Coordinator



USC grad. Vet assistant. Animal advocate. Juggler of all things cat-related at FVAR. Owns two FVAR cat alums.

Laura Bogle Adoptions Coordinator


Mom of 2. Owner of a cat and two FVAR alum dogs. Detail-oriented teammate. Trainer and supporter of application processors. Dog poster. 

Caelin Kennel Manager + Local Adoptions Coordinator

Soon-to-be USC grad. New Jersey native. Pittie enthusiast. Fatty meal making extraordinaire. Owner of a dog and a gecko.

Rylee Bodie Adoptions Assistant + Petfinder Coordinator


Diet Coke lover. USC student. Dog mom. Fan of pitties. Event leader. Spreadsheet queen.

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